Thursday, April 1, 2010

The challenge in the prepper community!!!

One of the things that seems to be prevalent in the community of preppers as a whole these days is an attitude of being full of their own self-importance. By this I mean people who say one thing and do another. If a person is talking or writing de-grading information about another forum board or web site that is trying to teach others and get the information out to the new people coming in to our community, then I think this qualifies as talking out of both sides of your mouth. Either you want to help people learn or you are trying to carve out a little empire for themselves. When you get mad at people who belong to many different forums and sites because you feel like they owe their allegiance to you but at the same time espouse that you are all about helping people learn somehow those scales don't balance out. Either you are all about helping people or you want everyone to know and see you for the perceived good you think you are doing. I will give you an example of something that has come to my attention in the last few days, that perfectly says how I feel about this subject, with the inter-action between two different forum boards and their associated web sites. In this article found here,, you will find the owner of the site talking at great length about how others treat the "newbies" in our community. But, if you look at other post on this blog you will find no shortage of his bragging about how many times he or one his cohorts has been published in this or that newspaper. Sir, I would say to you, stop all the back-slapping and get on with the teaching your site proclaims everywhere you can possibly find a place to put it. Another example of this person's attitude toward other boards and sites is this, there is a thread on another forum board about some members of this "American Preppers Network" that got interviewed for a BBC article that was only saying that the amount of preps these two individuals were talking about are not nearly enough for the average person or family, but yet I heard through the grapevine that this man told his members, who happen to be members at both, that they and the rest of the people who posted to the thread were "jerks" or worse. You can find this thread here,, read and then judge for yourself whether these proclaimed preppers are prepared and if anyone who posted to the thread did so in a bashing manneras this guy says, or were simply pointing out that two or three months was just a starting point. I'll leave you to be the judge.